looklook studio

We are a graphic design studio based in Brooklyn, NY devoted to creating bold and clever designs for publishers and publications.

Book Covers


studio looklook is a brooklyn-based graphic design studio run by gracelynn wan and cecilia zhang, who were once childhood enemies and now close collaborators and bestest of friends. we specialize in designing for editorial spaces and we love creating for individuals, small businesses, and the like.

Cecilia Zhang makes covers, typefaces, posters, and the occasional bookstamp. She has a BFA from Parsons, School of Design and previously she’s worked at the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, Wix.com and Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

Gracelynn Wan works with illustration, calligraphy, printmaking, and video. She studied Fine Arts and East Asian Languages and Cultures from the University of Pennsylvania and has previously worked with AFSP, the University of Saskatchewan, and Forbes.